The Annual THATCampHSS

Every year HSS sponsors a THATCamp at the annual meeting. These are usually small vibrant discussions that last several hours where attendees can come together to share ideas and technologies about teaching and doing scholarship in the digital age. The meeting is informal and designed to cater to the needs of those who attend, and it often includes a number of breakout sessions for special interests. The camps tend to be focused on practical activities. They are also places where you can network and build collaborative projects.

We are proud to say the THATCamps have been the birthplace of new projects. Please look at Herbaria 3.0 for one such project that grew out of a collaboration between two campers at the Chicago HSS meeting in 2014: Tina Gianquitto and Maura Flannery, a historian and a biologist.

So come, enjoy, and build new and great things!

Go to THATCampHSS 2018 to learn more and register for the camp at this year’s Seattle meeting. The camp will be held on Friday morning, November 2, 8am-12pm. We will be holding it off-site at the Seattle Public Library, which is only a couple of blocks from the main hotel venue, so you can get back and forth easily. Stay tuned to this page, our Twitter feed, and the HSS 2018 program for more information. It will be coming soon!

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